The Sixties

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Hubert Humphrey
Hubert Humphrey
Campaining for President During the Democratic Primary, 1971

Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger
Republican National Convention, Miami, Florida, 1972

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan with the Californian Delegation
Republican National convention, 1972

Nixon Supporter
Nixon Supporter at His Inauguration
Washington, D.C., 1972

George McGovern
George McGovern
Campaigning for President

Timothy Leary
In Exile, Switzerland

National Guard
Ohio National Guard
Marching on Students Protesting the Cambodian Invasion, 1970

Race Wall
The Race Wall
St. Louis, Missouri, 1970

Black Panthers
Black Panther Founder Bobby Seale and His Bodyguard at a Political Rally

July 4th Parade

Vietnam Mobilization
Washington, D.C., November 1969

Return of the P.O.W.'s from the Vietnam War

Free Concert
Free Concert

Tear Gas
Throwing Back Tear Gas Cannister
Protesting the Cambodian Invasion, 1972

Columbia University 1972

Free Concert
Free Concert

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